Announcing our 2016 Carnival de Resistance residency location and matching donations!

After months of discernment we are super excited to announce that we will be doing our 2016 month long residency in Minneapolis, Minnesota on the traditional lands of the Dakota people.

This is our first month long presence since 2013 and we’ve decided to focus our time in one location rather than two. This will allow us to more thoughtfully engage with local allies and give us much more time for crew training and formation. Over the last few years we’ve come to recognize the deep value of our time together with a crew.

In our five days together as a crew in Charlotte we were able to spend time with local artists working for justice, do a three and a half hour anti-racism training, play a pirate game, worship together, share good food, develop our Midway characters and spend time together in deep contemplation. Here’s a video of some of the highlights:

This formational work is becoming just as important to us as our public facing component. Roughly half of our time together in Minneapolis will be crew rehearsal and training time.

To prepare for this residency we need your help. A generous donor has agreed to match all donations between now and December 31st up to $20,000. We would really like to reach that goal in the next four weeks, but we will need all of your help to do that. Any amount you can give will go twice as far as normal. Click here to donate.

If you know of people in Minneapolis or nearby who you think we should connect with, we’d love an introduction! Also, we’d love to hear a word or two from you about why Carnival matters to you. One of the challenges of Carnival de Resistance is that it can be hard to explain to people who haven’t experienced it first hand. Nonetheless, we’ve got to try! If you can help with either, email us at