Performances fill the evenings
The Canival Midway will get things started, then we feature some awesome bands, and we top the night off with the Carnival theatrical events that weave theater, live music, dance and ritual- to interact with these powerful symbols of Air, Water, and Fire- that help us collectively grieve, celebrate, and strive together for justice. The Carnival midway offers clever twists on old carnival games, face painting, roving musicians, performers, side-shows and interactive installations. A bicycle-powered sound system provides our sound needs and we draw on local volunteers to generate power for our fun 
The camp becomes a village
A group of courageous artists and activists will form the Carnival Crew and live communally together in a “Village Demonstration Project”. Shaped by a mindfulness around our environmental impact we will experiment with practicing alternatives in regard to waste, energy generation and consumption, transportation, gathering and cooking food. This is a holy game where labor is stitched together with song, making common work a spiritual practice.
Study focuses on eco-justice and radical theology
We are excited to have many special friends and mentors joining us, scholars and activists, who will lead worship, teaching times, and skill-shares throughout our days together. From liberating Bible study, to conversations around native rights and earth justice… From movement history to trainings on bike repair, primitivist and sustainability skills, the Carnival venue will be a special place for learning.


Check out last year’s fundraising video, to learn about the concepts of the Carnival…