Featured Bands

  • Ears to the Ground Family

Ears to the Ground is a minimal, acoustic group; with guitar, hand percussion, banjo, and lots of vocals. As songwriters, they have a focus on lyrical content. As vocalists, they reach for a visceral and haunting three-or-four-part harmony. They make music of resistance to oppression and empire, of communities of hope, and of the faith that sustains them. Their tunes draw from R&B, spiritual, soul, folk/americana, chant, hip-hop and jazz. Think Rising Appalachia meets Ben Sollee. Based in Harrisonburg, VA, the group is part of a Christian eco-village of urband homesteads that practice radical hospitality and seek to model a just and peaceful life.

  • Soulmobile

It’s like this: SOULMOBILE’s always riding off into the dusty old horizon. that’s they’re home. Fending off dangers untold with guitars,banjo, dulcimer, and drums,Camp Soul is holding out and ringing a bell. Jon carries the vision, although if you ask me the others hold him up and give the thing its shape. Body and soul, maybe: Properly difficult to distinguish. In any case, if you peek in on them don’t be bashful; i think you’ll find them welcoming to strangers. From Frostburg, MD

  • Theillalogicalspoon

A community of theologians and anarchists from jackson michigan, offering psalms watered by our nomadic-hobo ramblings, rooted and growing out of our particular place in the great lakes state, looking up to the blue and clouds saying “come, Lord”.

  • Jessica Campbell

Jessica is a storyteller who searches for authenticity in the harrowing seasons of melancholy and the wild rapture of the land. With songs springing from the fountain of her youth, you will journey through creaking ships and gypsy caravans. Melodies wear their hearts on sleeves with swooping phrases punctured with stops and starts. At times she writes by stream of consciousness, while other songs are full of hooks that grab you out of the sea of voices, reminding you of truths you’ve always known as you find yourself humming a familiar tune.

  • Caleb Lange

Caleb has been a nomad traveling all over the world filling his wanderlust and empowering orphans and oppressed peoples. He has taken those experiences and expresses them through his music. His couch crashing, wander filled tunes will paint a picture you can walk into and bring you back home with a driving dynamic new folk sound.