Host Churches

We are so excited! In Harrisonburg we will be building the Carnival venue, midway and village on the grounds of Trinity Presbyterian Church. Then we will tear down, travel, and reconstruct the Carnival world in Charlottesville, at Sojourners United Church of Christ. We are inspired by many of the local initiatives, individuals, and organizations that belong to each community. But first, learn some about our hosts…


Trinity Presbyterian Church has a history of breaking the mold so as to more deeply respond to the needs of the world and the call to wholeness. Inspired by Church of the Saviour, they form house churches- small groups organized around a particular study or service to the community. They were trailblazers within the denomination as Earth Care activists and allies to the GLBTQ community. Check out their statement of belief (you’ll see why the Carnival is a good fit)! We are so excited to be working with such a passionate and active bunch of people!



Sojourners United Church of Christ is a congregation that does a remarkable job of weaving social justice into the fabric of every project they undertake.  To name just a few, they have have groups focused on eco-justice, poverty and homelessness, Ojola Children’s Project, racial justice, disability rights, and prison ministry.  Also, Sojourners lives out its commitment to justice, fairness, and inclusiveness for lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgendered and questioning persons. Check out their website to read about all the projects in more detail: 

Check out the other local groups and initiatives

that we seek to lift up in both Harrisonburg and Charlottesville!