Local Allies

We are inspired by countless individuals in both Harrisonburg and Charlottesville who are responding to the needs of their communities through direct service, activism, education and spiritual mentorship. We are grateful for all the churches, service organizations, and community groups that are providing logistical support, food, volunteer support, or promotional help to the Carnival. Our heartfelt thanks goes to all those who are integrating the Carnival participants into their programing and those who are contributing to Carnival events!!!

Here are a few groups that we want to highlight…

EMU is providing enormous support – with promotion, recruiting volunteers, managing a mural project, organizing a shuttle to the Carnival Venue, organizing the “Power Down, Lift Up” parade and public witness, providing film documentation, and other forms of logistical support. Their Center for Justice and Peacebuilding is organizing the Carnival resource table, providing evaluation work for the project and hosting a follow up reflection on the Carnival for the larger community. EMU has actively incorporated the Carnival de Resistance into their campus programs. The Carnival is leading two chapels, guest teaching in a dozen classes, facilitating a skill-share, painting a mural, and bringing an original Carnival production to the campus.

Radical Roots is sharing their harvest- making sure that the Carnival Crew has fresh, organic, local food to keep us going.

Our Community Place is an awesome ally to the Carnival. They are loaning us a tent, gifting snacks to the Carnival audience one night, and hosting a community meal and open mic. We are excited to be able to paint their new logo on the side of their building, and draw attention to the good work they are doing in the community

The New Community Project provides lots of inspiration to the Carnival de Resistance, by the way that they are enacting their vision of healthy and sustainable communities. They are sharing a variety of homesteading skills at the skill share, are sharing songs and words of uplift at the parade and in the Carnival Midway, are helping promote, and are providing a meal for the Carnival Crew and a launching pad for the “Power Down, Lift Up Parade”. We are sending two gifted artists to build an arts installation in their beautiful garden.

Casa Alma: The Charlottesville Catholic Worker is coming alongside the Carnival de Resistance by providing a great deal of logistical support and by feeding us and organizing snacks for one evening of the Carnival. We are looking forward to beautifying their already abundant scene with mini-murals on their rain barrels and mailbox.