Special Guests

Opening acts for the Carnival productions!


Bethlehem combines soaring vocals and driving percussion to deliver powerful songs of love, keeping your head up in the city, struggling, and searching for happiness and peace on the margins. Bethlehem’s “vocussion” – her term for her powerful, immersive singing, remarkable improvisations and nuanced melodies riding atop tarima and body percussion. She is best experienced live, where you can witness how fully Bethlehem inhabits her songs and captivates a crowd. Bethlehem Roberson coined the term “vocussionist” to describe herself as a performer; a vocalist and percussionist who uses her body as her instrument. She is also an exceptionally talented singer/songwriter from the Germantown section of Philadelphia. Raised in an actively church-going family, she watched her father and uncles’ gospel group, “The Traveling Disciples” Gospel Quartet, she became steeped in the traditions of gospel music. In 2000, she took on the Hebrew faith and merged her highly emotive gospel background with the formally studied traditions of Judaism. Inspired more by male vocalists than female artists, Bethlehem draws influences from artists like Sam Cooke, David Ruffin, Marvin Gaye, and D’Angelo. For her, men tend to use their voices expressively in ways that intrigue her. As a writer, her studies of the Torah and other sacred Hebrew texts, teach her that words have sacred power and must be used wisely and carefully. This has significantly influenced her approach to expressing the common human story.


Adam Gabriel Rangel, aka SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE, has been described as a “Chicago Institution,” and “Walking creativity.” This award-winning hip hopper is a Twin Cities native, Chicago transplant, MC, Poet, Producer, Engineer, Educator, Visual Artist, Actor, Thinker, Lover and one hell of a cook. He also received a Cedar Commission from the Cedar Cultural Center, a VERVE Grant from Intermedia Arts, and was a semi-finalist of the Saint Paul Challenge for the Million Dollar Idea to Make Saint Paul Great. SEE MORE is one of the Twin Cities’ most active teaching artists, working on the TruArtSpeaks and COMPAS Arts MN artist rosters teaching rap, spoken word, hip hop music production, and social justice. He also serves on the board of the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council, where he is excited to continue to find new ways to connect with and contribute to Minnesota’s art and music scenes. His work explores identity, culture, social justice, mythology, science fiction, spirituality, and the paranormal. Find SEE MORE in a cypher or a séance, pushing conversations about equity in a board room, singing for strangers in a living room, or sharing culture, tradition, and craft in a classroom. Learn more at www.seemoreperspective.com.


An accomplished dancer and drummer, Anssumane Silla began performing at the age of 11 in his native Guinea Bissau. He has danced professionally for over 18 years with the National Ballet of Guinea Bissau. He was also a member of the contemporary dance troupe, Africa Estranha. With these ensembles, he performed for ambassadors, presidents and other international dignitaries and for the public throughout Ginnea Bissau. He has also performed in Mali, Senegal, The Gambia, South Africa and Libya. While working with African Estanha, Mr. Silla performed pieces that address strife and suffering, including abuse of power and inequitable access to clear water and other vital resources, in Guinea Bissau, which has been torn apart by coups and political violence for decades. Since arriving in Philadelphia in 2008, Mr. Silla has toured numerous states, performing as a dancer and drummer with the African Cultural Arts Collective (formerly Voices of Africa Drum Ensemble). He has been a featured artist for the Pennsylvania Humanities Council Humanities on the Road initiative, and a choreographer for the Kulu Mele African Dance Ensemble. In addition to teaching traditional (Bijagos, Balanta, Fula, and Manjaco) and contemporary dance styles from Guinea Bissau, he teaches a range of other West African dance styles in studios and schools across Philadelphia.


Unidos da Filadelfia is a community-based samba percussion school modeled after the Carnaval parade organizations of Rio de Janeiro and Salvador da Bahia in Brazil.

Local acts in the Carnival Midway!


  • POWER STREET THEATER -- July 27th & 28th only

The Hidden disAbilities Project

Featuring Gabriela Sanchez, Erlina Ortiz, Corem Coreano, and Karen Smith, and directed by Christina May

What is an invisible disAbility? Do you have one, or does the person sitting next to you? The Hidden disAbilities Project will be Power Street Theatre Company’s (PSTC’s) next foray into experimental theatre making. With this new and exciting, yet simple and powerful, piece take an immersive journey exploring the gray areas of having an invisible disAbility in a black-and-white world.

  • THE RENEGADE COMPANY -- July 27th & 28th only

Selections from (Kensington) Streetplay

A pop-up performance exploring the past-present-future of Kensington and the impact of the Opioid Crisis. This work is created and performed by Kensington residents that have a relationship to substance abuse, homelessness, and/or addiction.

  • SOFÍA DIVINATRIX -- July 27th & 28th only

An Exorcism of White Supremacy

through uncontrollable erotic power, binds dictatorship and tyranny, disciplines harmful systems, and unbinds humans for flourishing through sensuousness and mischief. She is from Matininó, an inaccessible Caribbean island of taíno women, descendants of the Amazons. She has an insatiable thirst for knowledge and every time she gets a new book into her system, “o God, o yes o yes, yes, yes!!!” Her life philosophy is “the more the merrier.” In her own words, “Why play with yourself when you can play with many others? Let’s do something together! It’s gonna be amazing!” 


Shizu Homma is a dance artist who has performed in modern and butoh companies since 1997, and created butoh influenced dance solos and group dances since 2002. She has recently started to perform her poetry, exhibit her visual arts, and take a stab at conceptual/performance art projects.


Wit López is a disabled, gender non-conforming/nonbinary trans performer, visual artist, scholar, and independent curator of African American and Boricua descent. Through fiber, performance, and imagery, López explores hairiness, accessibility, queerness, gender identity, Blackness, and Latinidad, while also fully embracing absurdity and the macabre. Just kidding! Maybe… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


In the Light

Vervet Dance is a Philadelphia-based contemporary dance company directed by Loren Groenendaal. The dance works draw on both the legacy of modern dance and cross-cultural influences to create innovative movement vocabularies and imaginative choreographies. Vervet strikes a unique balance between classic forms, new ideas, and ancient purposes for dance. Although subject matter varies, what is characteristic of the company is an ongoing intellectual diligence meeting a curious playfulness and an exploration of the visual and visceral components of dance.



Jewish Farm School supports Jewish heritage-based urban agriculture education and community organizing, seeking to incorporate the lessons in Jewish agricultural heritage and land-based ancestral lore into contemporary urban life in the service of Philly-based land justice and food sovereignty movements. In the midway, we’ll be stepping below ground into the earth itself: into the cave of exile, retreat, and resistance, into the womb of stone, the home of the divine feminine, on a journey from ultimate grief to collective unification.


What is a Social Justice machine?  Never heard of it. And never heard of a Social Justice Improv Show!! If the world were ideal………wow!  I can think of lots of things that would make it ideal…….in Improv?
If you are mystified, come to see the Open Circle Improv Group Side Show at the Carnival de Resistance Midway!  You’ll be in for a bunch of surprises!


Special Guests for the Carnival residency in Minneapolis in 2016


  • Elizabeth Sanchez & Pedro Ramirez

Bectta is a project that originated in Mexico in 2013 and was formed by Elizabeth Sanchez and Pedro Ramirez. Elizabeth has a Degree in Visual Arts from the College of Arts and Design UNAM and has studied at the Academy of San Carlos, UNAM. Pedro has a degree in Advertising from the Centro Universitario de Comunicacion CUC, and has studied at the Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary Ab, Canada. Bectta, besides enjoying collaborative opportunities with many artists across varied disciplines, has experience in a wide spectrum of techniques including street graphics, traditional and digital illustration, scientific illustration, video performances, graphic design, ceramics, engraving, tattooing, and clothing design to name a few. We believe that out of experimentation, curiosity emerges, along with the search for the authentic, of what really is and what is not. We believe that practicing the arts is crucial to working through our fears. Human beings are used to merely looking. The daily rhythm of our busy life creates an accelerated state of mind and we are unable to take time to stop and SEE what is beyond the surface. Bectta aims to create a sense of connection and interaction with the viewer and their surroundings. This is achieved by inviting people to contemplate; from simply looking they start observing, from there they start contemplating, and from there hopefully they develop a deeper awareness of all life surrounding us; to find what is special in the simplest object, to live and enjoy the present fully.

  • Gustavo and Leonardo Moreno

Cienaños is a movement that has been shaped and turned into a band by Gustavo and Leonardo Moreno, brothers who have created music since their childhood in the privacy of their home; this musical production has transcended from national to international scene. In addition, they are founders of “La Casa de los Cienaños”, a project which in essence, is to create alternative spaces and multicultural outreach, in order to promote and disseminate art in all its expression. In 2006 they released their first single “Fire” and are currently working on a second piece, “Una Rolita de Paz”, that promises to be explosive.  They integrate: Honduran guitarist Omar Mixco, based in Chicago, IL, the Master Jose Antonio Velázquez on keys, Carlos Umaña on bass guitar, Melvin Maldonado on percussion. Bringing a mixture of jazz, funk, reggae, rap and trova, all layered in Latino roots, they provide an alternative purpose for being, and at the same time, give representation of a collective voice to nurture the existential needs through aesthetic appreciation.

Special Guests for the Carnival Expression at Wildgoose in 2014

  • Ched Myers

has worked in social change movements for almost 40 years. “At the center of my approach,” says Myers, “is the practice of relectura: a ‘rereading’ of the Bible in light of concrete struggles against violence and oppression. I believe that the Judeo-Christian sacred story is an older, deeper and wiser tradition that has the power to transform our lives and our history–but only if we can overcome its domestication under the dominant culture.” He is a co-founder of the Word and World School, the Sabbath Economics Collaborative, and the Center and Library for the Bible and Social Justice. He and his partner Elaine Enns live in southern California and work with Bartimaeus Cooperative Ministries.

  • Laurel Dykstra

is a community-based scholar with a long history in intentional communities and the radical discipleship movement. Her justice work focuses on issues of urban poverty; the activism of children, youth and families; challenging white privilege; and Queer and gender-Queer participation and resistance in churches. She is the author of Set Them Free: The Other Side of Exodus (Orbis, 2002), Uncle Aiden (Baby Bloc, 2005), editor of Bury the Dead (Cascade, 2013) and co-editor, with Ched Myers of Liberating Biblical Study (Cascade, 2011). She is a collective member if the Interfaith Institute for Justice, Peace and Social Movements and a member of the Christian activist group Streams of Justice. Laurel lives with her not so traditional family in a housing co-op in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, BC where she is exploring the vocation of neighbour. She was recently ordained priest in the Anglican Church of Canada’s Diocese of New Westminster.

  • Jim Perkinson

is a long-time activist/educator/poet from inner city Detroit, currently teaching Social Ethics at Ecumenical Theological Seminary and lecturing in Intercultural Communication Studies at the University of Oakland (Michigan). He is the author of White Theology: Outing Supremacy in Modernity;Shamanism, Racism, and Hip-Hop Culture: Essays on White Supremacy and Black Subversion; and Messianism Against Christology: Resistance Movements, Folk Arts, and Empire. He has written extensively on questions of race, class and colonialism in connection with religion and urban culture.

  • Star of the Sea Studios

Star of the Sea Studios….is a theatrical production company based in the foothills of South Eastern Appalachia. We produce ceremonial theater in celebration of nature with fantastical puppets, masks, costumes, projected imagery and music engaging both the talents of professional and community performers alike.

  • Ears to the Ground Family Band

Ears to the Ground is a minimal, acoustic group; with guitar, hand percussion, banjo, and lots of vocals. As songwriters, they have a focus on lyrical content. As vocalists, they reach for a visceral and haunting three-or-four-part harmony. They make music of resistance to oppression and empire, of communities of hope, and of the faith that sustains them. Their tunes draw from R&B, spiritual, soul, folk/americana, chant, hip-hop and jazz. Think Rising Appalachia meets Ben Sollee. Based in Harrisonburg, VA, the group is part of a Christian eco-village of urband homesteads that practice radical hospitality and seek to model a just and peaceful life.

  • Soulmobile

It’s like this: SOULMOBILE’s always riding off into the dusty old horizon. that’s they’re home. Fending off dangers untold with guitars,banjo, dulcimer, and drums,Camp Soul is holding out and ringing a bell. Jon carries the vision, although if you ask me the others hold him up and give the thing its shape. Body and soul, maybe: Properly difficult to distinguish. In any case, if you peek in on them don’t be bashful; i think you’ll find them welcoming to strangers. From Frostburg, MD

  • Theillalogicalspoon

A community of theologians and anarchists from jackson michigan, offering psalms watered by our nomadic-hobo ramblings, rooted and growing out of our particular place in the great lakes state, looking up to the blue and clouds saying “come, Lord”.

  • Todd Wynward

Todd Wynward lives in a yurt with his family in the high desert mountains near Taos, NM. Todd is a founder of a wilderness-based public school, leads backpacking and river trips for adult seekers, and is the animating force behind TiLT, an emerging discipleship community in Taos. He is the author of The Secrets of Leaven, a novel patheos.com calls “a delicious mystery exploring deep questions.

  • Vickie Machado

Born and raised in South Florida, Vickie Machado received her Masters of Arts in Religion and Nature from the University of Florida. She focused her studies on sustainability, bioregionalism, the Catholic Worker Movement, and the confluence of environmentalism, social justice, and faith. She currently works as the Florida Organizer for Food & Water Watch. In her spare time, Vickie helps organize the Eco-Stewards Program, a place-base, week long program for young adults to explore the intersection of faith and the environment.