Community Agreements

We are excited about bringing together a diverse and playful group of people, ready to experiment in alternative forms of community and energy consumption. As we gather for events, performances, community meals, service projects, and conversations, we are asking everyone to abide by the Community Agreements below so that we can create an environment of respect, dialogue, support, and creativity. We are grateful to our two host organizations in each residency location and want to honor each of their respective community guidelines, which are woven into the overall Community Agreements.


Gift Economies: As we experiment removing ourselves (for a time) from the capitalist system of monetary exchange, we encourage people to barter, share resources, and give generously to each other.

 Alternative Energy: As much as we can, we will drastically shift our energy consumption for the duration of each residency. Our biggest effort, will be to power the sound system with bike power, and cook without using fossil fuels. We encourage anyone who attends the Carnival to consider ways that you can curb consumption and adopt alternative forms of energy (including using your legs to get to the event!)

Playfulness & Wild Spirits: We invite everyone to bring an open spirit that welcomes new ideas, spontaneity, and an expectation that beautiful interactions will unfold. We encourage playfulness and joyfulness!

Children: We welcome children of all ages, as long as they are always accompanied by an adult.

Practice a “Screen” Sabbath: The Carnival Midway and Big Top will be a direct relationship space. We are promoting immediate experience and the deepening of relationships through personal connections instead of through a screen. As you approach the Carnival, you will be invited to power down- to take a break from phones, facebook, twitter, texting, computers, etc.

Photography & Video: In a similar vein as the other technology, we are asking that everyone refrain from trying to “capture” the Carnival on video, or camera. We are hoping this can be as experiential as possible. We will have one designated Carnival de Resistance staff photographer and videographer.

Alcohol & Smoking: Out of respect for the host organization’s community guidelines, there will be no alcohol, smoking, or illegal drugs in the Carnival Village, Midway, or Big Top. In both residency locations, there will be designated smoking areas available, please do not smoke outside of those areas.

No Disposables: If you are joining us for Community Meals, we ask that you bring your own place setting, utensils, cups, and cloth napkin. Please do not bring any disposable materials. We will be providing a dish washing station, for you to use on location.

Trash, Recycling, & Composting: We want to try our best to “leave no trace” in every location we do an event. We will have designated bins for trash, recycling, and composting. Please try to help with picking up around the Carnival area, even if it isn’t your mess.

Camping: Due to limited space at each host organization, there will be NO camping on site. The Carnival “Traveling Band Society” of performers and organizers will be living on site in a Demonstration Village. For any out of town guests who are coming for any length of time, we ask that you find your own overnight accommodations. Please see the Camping page to look up various nearby options.

Conversation Covenant:

We hope to spur on constructive dialogue and deep reckoning with our consumption patterns, theology, resistance strategies, etc. As we engage with each other and listen to various ideas, we ask that everyone agree to this covenant of respect:

  • We commit to respecting each person in the group, especially when we have different viewpoints. We will listen to what the Spirit is offering us through each other. When we are challenged by another’s perspective, let us lift up our confusion or concern to God, that we may achieve greater understanding.
  • Let us speak the truth in our own heart. Let us not argue with each other. During appropriate times, may we engage in a mutual search for deeper understanding of the complex and multi-faceted faces of God.
  • Let us make sure that each person is heard, that there is a balance of sharing among all participants. During discussions, let us not speak twice until every other person has had the chance to share.
  • Let us allow a brief period of silence after someone has spoken before the next person speaks, that we may drink in the meaning of what each has offered.
  • Step up / step down: If you are a person who tends to share readily, it is your responsibility to be mindful and make room for others to speak. If you are a person who tends to be quieter, it is your responsibility to take opportunities to make your voice heard.
  • Priority of voice: in the tradition of recent Jesus Radicals conferences, people of color and women will be given first priority in speaking or sharing.
  • Let us allow someone to pass if they do not wish to share. After everyone has shared, let us make room for those who have passed to add their thoughts.
  • Let us remember with gratitude that the Spirit of God is in each person in our circles.

These guidelines have been borrowed from Word & World, Jesus Radicals, Pace e Bene, and PAPA Festival