Wish List

Things you might have in your basement or yard that would come in handy (that we could not be responsible for returning).

  • house paint (water-based)

  • Clock faces (we will smash them!)

  • white christmas lights

  • untreated 1 by 1s or 1 by 2’s.

  • 4-5 5 gallon buckets of saw dust, wood chips, dry finely mulched grass clippings, finely mulched leaves

  • 20 5 gallon buckets for toilets, compost and sinks

  • wood and screens for building sooty pot storage and cleaning rack

  • plywood for making temporary tables

  • items for playstation – hoola hoops, masks, juggling balls, bubble stuff, costume hats, etc. (We can’t promise that they will come through in good condition, as kids play hard, so we suggest bringing stuff you’d be ok parting with. Though you’re welcome to pick up what’s left of your stuff at the end).

Things we’d like to borrow (that we can be responsible for returning in good condition). Please let me know if you or a friend have any of these things that you would be willing to loan. This massive project wouldn’t happen without a community working together!

  • full length mirrors – 2 or 3
  • sleeping pads and sleeping bags
  • old blankets (for carnival crew camping or seating on the ground for audience)
  • Tents – 1 or 2
  • Bicycles – 10 to 12
  • large wok, large cast iron skillet, large thick bottomed pots
  • 2 coffee carafes (kind that go with airport coffee maker with push down on top)
  • recycling bins
  • toilet paper holder
  • 2+ wooden saw horses
  • Candle lanterns

Things we’re looking for second hand for the village Do you have a connection to a thrift store? or a collection of such items that you could part with? Please text or call England at 620-330-5192 if you make a find, to check as to whether we still have a need for the item.

  • hand cranked coffee grinders

  • hot boxes or haybox (for thermal cooking) professional or DIY

  • clothes ringer, clothes line

  • Tubs for laundering clothes (tin tub or circular rope handled plastic tubs)

  • Deep restaurant pans

  • 4-5 metal tongs

  • hot pads

  • Table Cloths & large curtains