Plans for 2015 & 2016

Refining, Strengthening, Deepening!

  • We are bringing the ‘Carnival Crew’ together for theological reflection, skill sharing, performance training, and creative refinement of our productions.
  • We are presenting a weekend of Carnival performances in Charlotte, NC Sept 18th-20th.
  • Throughout the year, Jay and Tevyn continue to perform, teach and lead worship at a variety of events across the country, including: the US Social Forum, Tevyn performing at Seizing an Alternative for an Ecological Civilization, Jay leading a men’s retreat and performing at Church of the Saviour’s ‘Celebration of the Land’ at Dayspring.
  • Jay and Tevyn continue to study with elders in faith-led justice movements and will attend the Word & World school in Detroit.
  • We are converting the “Carnival bus” to run off of waste vegetable oil and continue the work of making the bus an alternative energy demonstration project.

We are preparing for another “full launch” of the Carnival in 2016, where we will have 2 ten day residencies in 2 cities. We will fill the weekends with performance, live together in our “demonstration village”, and fill the weekdays with education and outreach.