Harrisonburg & Charlottesville Events

Carnival Productions


Midway provides playtime for all ages.  

(6- 7:30 pm on all Carnival nights) Come see strange side-shows, check out the clever twists on old Carnival games, get crafty at our creation station, have your face-painted, enjoy storytellers, roving musicians, performers, and much more.

Four productions for the four elements. 

(7:30 to 9:15, dates mentioned below) Each evening is essentially a Variety Act show that asks the audience to celebrate, lament for, learn from, and lift up the powerful symbols of either Earth, Air, Water or Fire. At the heart of each evening is an original theatrical piece that re-animates biblical narratives to show how God speaks through and on behalf of the elements.

 Blood on the Cedars

(Earth Show in Hburg on Sept 14th, in Cville on Sept 28th) Poetry, song and dance addressing the imperial conquest of nature and connect the feral theatricality of the Hebrew prophets to contemporary resistance movements.

 Out of the Whirlwind

(Air Show in Hburg on Sept 15th, in Cville on Sept 29th) Stories told, sung, and danced from the perspectives of Raven and Dove – the two birds that Noah released the last time the world was destroyed.

Wade Through Deep Water

(Water Show in Hburg on Sept 20th, in Cville on Oct 4th) Come and hear the voice of water’s lament as told from the perspectives of Miriam and John the Baptist – two of God’s prophets whose water-logged lives kept them swimming in transformation.

Clothed in the Sun

(Fire Show in Hburg on Sept 21st, in Cville on Oct 5th) While Dancing with fire, we relate to the feverish explosions of military and energy exploits while also feeling the heat of spiritual revelation. By listening to the bones of the past and the vision for the future, we work to recognize the difference between the fire of destruction and the fire of transformation.

Community Events


“Power Down, Lift Up” Parade and Protest

(Sept 19th in Hburg) We celebrated the path toward sustainability using crazy bike sculptures, large puppets, and live music. It was an event full of color and passion, as we brought the costumes and drums and gave the mic to local activists. 

Open Mic at Our Community Place

Following the Parade, we will gathered for a community meal and an open mic.

There are many ways that the Carnival Crew engaged with the efforts of local groups, and we enjoyed some awesome partnerships.

In Harrisonburg we taught classes, led chapel and painted a mural at Eastern Mennonite University, built an installation for the New Community Project, painted a new sign for Our Community Project, and shared storytelling and songwriting at Generations Crossing.

In Charlottesville, we are helped out at Patch Community Garden, led a drumming workshop at Clark School, led mask-making for the Boys & Girls club, and painted mini-murals at Casa Alma Catholic Worker.