Event Descriptions for Carnival de Resistance at Wild Goose 2014

The Carnival de Resistance Program at Wild Goose in 2014 was a densely packed, rich and radical spread of learning sessions, artistic offerings, and playful and grounding practices.


Talks shared by special Carnival Guests

Laurel Dykstra
 Fri at 10 am – “Guerilla Hospitality: Sharing Land, Shelter and Bread in Scripture” The mandate for hospitality in our Sacred Story is found in biblical law, history, narrative and parable. The questions of Who, is called to share What, with Whom and Why, are questions about community, land, shelter and food–the basic stuff of survival. Biblical hospitality speaks to modern issues of migration, indigenous sovereignty, food justice, housing and homelessness and challenges comfortable notions of what it means to give and receive. Come and Share.
Ched Myers
Fri at 11 am – “Haunting Our History Still: Elijah as Archetypal Wilderness Prophet.” This talk will, with help from artists Ted Lyddon Hatten, Jay and Tevyn, explore the Elijah cycle (I Kg 17-II Kg 2) as a “catechism” in wilderness prophecy, highlighting characteristics that continues to haunt our civilized presumptions and inspire our watershed discipleship.
Sarah Thompson
Sat at 10 am – “Conflict can be a generative force!” There is no need to avoid or to be afraid of conflict. This workshop will invite you to embrace these inevitable situations that often highlight difference, confusion, pain, and power. Doing so resists a culture of fragmentation, isolation, and vengeance. We’ll intermingle our personal feelings about conflict with stories of experiences from biblical characters, Christian Peacemaker Teams workers and partners, the Anabaptist movement, and various movements for social change.
Jim Perkinson
Sat at 11 am – “Movement Jesus, Wild Memory, and Folk Art: Recovering Ancestral Voice in Colonized Galilee and Occupied Detroit.” This workshop will juxtapose gospel texts of Jesus’ baptism in the wilderness and folk-art texts from the streets of Detroit to explore the role of “ecological voice” in movement praxis. The exegetical and poetic readings offered will uncover the way “gospel immersion” in the histories and possibilities of local ecosystems is crucial in divining and mobilizing ancestral memory and energy for the sake of messianic witness.

Panels that inform our resistance work

Carnival Theology
Thurs at 7 pm – “Creative Protest, Art Intervention, and the spiritual renewal of the streets.” We open our programing with a reflection on the topsy-turvy, undomesticated, daring imagination of Carnival traditions and the intrinsic value of art in our social movement work. This is both panel, group discussion, and inaugural ceremony that prepares us to decode the subversive and symbol rich call to find liberation while dancing in the streets.
Liberating Bible Study
Fri at 1:30 pm – Come and Do the Word, wrestle with angels, detonate what Peter Maurin called the dynamite in the basement of the church! Join biblical grassroots practitioners Ched Myers, Laurel Dykstra, Jim Perkinson and mystery guests for a performance, a discussion, an encounter that is passionate, painful, scholarly, incendiary, raucous, risqué and deeply, profoundly reverent.
Indigenous Knowledge
Sat at 1:30 pm – “Listening to Indigenous Knowledge: Decolonizing Theology, Restoring Relationship with the Earth” Come and listen to some “unsettling” voices discuss the way Christian beliefs and practices are intertwined with colonial narratives. Learn how Indigenous leaders and their allies, by honoring Indigenous knowledge and world views, are birthing a new paradigm that is truly a return to a very old one.
Watershed Discipleship
Sat at 3 pm – “A Call to Bioregional Discipleship” We won’t save places we don’t love. We won’t love places we don’t know. And we can’t know places we haven’t learned. These statements describe why our planet is on the verge of an ecological nervous breakdown. And they explain why the local bioregion in which each of us dwells is the most appropriate place and scale to engage our historic crisis as an expression of contextual discipleship. Panelists will include: Ched Myers (California) Todd Wynward (New Mexico), Vicki Machado (Florida), and someone from the New Community Project (Virginia)

Unique Carnival Events

Paint & Pray, with Special Music
Fri at 9 am – Start your day by painting with Mexican guest artist David Bravo while listening to songs from La Muna about the stories of migrants crossing and being deported at the US/Mexico border.
Liberating Language: POETRY as Resistance
Fri at 3 pm – Come and share your words or others poems that have helped you in your faith resistance journey,  as well as hear some deep verbs and vibes from acclaimed poet Jim Perkinson, and other special Carnival guests. This is an open sharing time as well as a discussion about the power and need for poetic language in our resistance arts.
Live Drumming Dance Party
Fri at 10 pm – after being rinsed clean by the healing waters, we will shake it out to the powerful rythms of west african drums. This is an all ages, all abilities, come as you are, community throw down!
Oscar Romero Reflection and Cantata Rehearsal
Sat at 9 am – Join Jim and Ruth Padilla Deborst as they lead reflections on present day El Salvador and the legacy of Oscar Romero.  Participants will also have the chance to learn some of the songs from the Oscar Romero Cantata and perform them with Luis Alfredo Diaz and other artists.
Meditations of Earth, Body & Soul
Sat at 9 am – We will start our days at the Carnival with exercises and reflections to shake up and wake up your body, heart and mind. Come join our morning prayer times as we focus our Spirits through Qigong, poetry, sacred song and earth conscious meditations.
Festival Parade
Sat at 11 am – Join us as we make a joyful noise and cry out for liberation. We have parade costumes and paraphernalia, puppets to manipulate, things to bang on, shake, roll and push! We need your voices and your embodiment as we head to the closing ceremony!

Carnival Ceremonial Theater

Out of the Whirlwind
Thurs at 10 pm – This Liturgical variety act show brings a call to feel the pain of creation and the hope for resurrection through listening to the element of AIR. Stories told, sung, and danced from the perspectives of Raven and Dove – the two birds that Noah released the last time the world was destroyed. Come and feel the Holy Breathe, listen to the Spirit winds of change, and join us in songs of grief and hope on the opening night of this Carnival/Festival.
The Shining Sea
Fri at 8 pm – Special Guest Artists Star of the Sea Studios will share an excerpt of the larger production. It’s a celebration of the sacred waters of the world featuring a diverse collection of puppetry styles. Colorful fish puppets dart and dive in schools. A sea turtle gracefully swims the shallows. Crabs scuttle in soldierly formation. A Humpback whale steers its stately path through the deeps. The performance culminates with a community prayer / blessing on the sacred waters.
Wade Through Deep Water
Fri at 8:30 pm – Come follow the soggy footprints of a pilgrim people – performers who entreat you with deep love and concern for Water. Our songs and dances draw from various cultures and spiritual traditions, puppets and props help animate a dream of “living water”. You will hear the voice of water’s lament as told from the perspectives of Miriam and John the Baptist – two of God’s prophets whose water-logged lives kept them swimming towards liberation.
Clothed in the Sun
Sat at 11 pm – This is a fire performance that will amaze and inspire. We relate to the feverish explosions of military and energy exploits while also feeling the heat of spiritual revelation. By listening to the bones of the past and the fire-y vision for the future, we dance with whirling fire, sing with burning hearts, and struggle to know the difference between the fire of destruction and the fire of transformation.

Reoccuring Carnival Offerings

Skill Shares
Fri & Sat at 4:30 pm – If we are serious about liberating and decolonizing our lives, we need to know how to get back to right relationship with the land that provides for all of our needs, so we can stop being dependent on the domination system. Come learn from folks who have been re-skilling themselves and try your hand at making herbal tinctures, starting fire without a match, bike repair, candle-making, etc.
Carnival Village Tour
Fri & Sat 4:30 & 5 pm – Take a quick 20 minute tour of our village to learn how we are exploring alternative forms of energy, working to consume less energy, attempting to more responsibly manage our waste, and create do-it-yourself solutions to simple problems.  
Interactive Art
Fri & Sat at 4:30 pm – With the guidance of our amazingly talented visual artists, come and participate in painting a community mural. On Saturday, join Star of the Sea’s “puppet and mask play improvisation” We will teach participants through guided play how to move in improvised performance with puppets, mask and costume. People will have an opportunity to play and interact with puppets creating improvised scenes and characters.
Carnival Midway
Thurs at 3 pm, Fri & Sat at 7 pm – Visit strange side-shows, check out the clever twists on old Carnival games, get crafty at our creation station, help build a giant goose puppet, have your face-painted, enjoy storytellers, roving musicians, performers, and much more.

Featured Bands

Jessica Campbell & Caleb Lange
Thurs at 8 pm -Jessica is a storyteller who searches for authenticity in the harrowing seasons of melancholy and the wild rapture of the land. With swooping phrases punctured with stops and starts, you will journey through creaking ships and gypsy caravans. At times she writes by stream of consciousness, while other songs are full of hooks that grab you out of the sea of voices, reminding you of truths you’ve always known as you find yourself humming a familiar tune.

Caleb has been a nomad traveling all over the world filling his wanderlust and empowering orphans and oppressed peoples. He has taken those experiences and expresses them through his music. His couch crashing, wander filled tunes will paint a picture you can walk into and bring you back home with a driving dynamic new folk sound.

Ears to the Ground Family
Thurs at 9 pm – Ears to the Ground is a minimal, acoustic group; with guitar, hand percussion, banjo, and lots of vocals. As songwriters, they have a focus on lyrical content. As vocalists, they reach for a visceral and haunting three-or-four-part harmony. They make music of resistance to oppression and empire, of communities of hope, and of the faith that sustains them. Their tunes draw from R&B, spiritual, soul, folk/americana, chant, hip-hop and jazz. Think Rising Appalachia meets Ben Sollee. Based in Harrisonburg, VA, the group is part of a Christian eco-village of urband homesteads that practice radical hospitality and seek to model a just and peaceful life.
 Sat at 8 pm – It’s like this: SOULMOBILE’s always riding off into the dusty old horizon. that’s they’re home. Fending off dangers untold with guitars,banjo, dulcimer, and drums,Camp Soul is holding out and ringing a bell. Jon carries the vision, although if you ask me the others hold him up and give the thing its shape. Body and soul, maybe: Properly difficult to distinguish. In any case, if you peek in on them don’t be bashful; i think you’ll find them welcoming to strangers. From Frostburg, MD.
 Sat at 9 pm – A community of theologians and anarchists from jackson michigan, offering psalms watered by our nomadic-hobo ramblings, rooted and growing out of our particular place in the great lakes state, looking up to the blue and clouds saying “come, Lord”.