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The Carnival de Resistance is a travelling arts carnival, a village demonstration project, and a school for cultural transformation around the themes of environmental-economic justice, resistance, and radical theology.  The initial run of the Carnival will take place in two locations – first on the lawn of Trinity Presbyterian in Harrisonburg VA Sept 12th- 23rd, then on the lot of Sojourner UCC in Charlottesville Sept 26th – Oct. 7th. Members of the Carnival Crew, a group of up to 22 will live, work, and travel together- collectively manifesting the vision of this project, animating the Carnival midway, and presenting four separate multimedia productions, each exploring one of the four elements (Earth, Air, Fire, and Water). A temporary village will be constructed in each location, modeling sustainable alternatives in regard to transportation, energy generation, cooking food, and managing waste. The Carnival is partnering with local organizations, to provide services, promote learning and play, and uplift existing work which supports the health of the community and the bioregion. The Carnival is working to embody the Gift Economy- making all events free to the public and making the carnival a commerce-free zone.