Featured Artists

  • David Bravo Rivera

David Bravo is a graffiti artist, organizer, activist, and gardener working to build the sustainability of and social empowerment of a historical neighborhood in Mexico called Hercules. He is a founder of Verbos y Vibras, which in the last 4 years has built a house that demonstrates permaculture principles and sustainable design, has hosted multiple workshops and community building events, and most recently has organized a social muralism project that lifts up the traditions and history of the neighborhood. This is all focused on bringing dignity to this community by promoting pride in their ancestors and setting new expectations for, and avenues for involvement in, shaping the future of this town. Hercules counts more than 100 murals from the Verbos Y Vibras community, but the locals have energy for this to continue and hope to double that number. Presently, Verbos y Vibras hosts 5 artists in order to support their careers and give them a safe ground to have more oportunities to excel their work. It is in the proces of building a Artivism Center to invite graffiti artists to use their rebel skills for sharing messages of hope, justice and change! This has been made possible through the Youth Initiative program from Jarna Sweden that has formed a huge international nework around the globe, of which David is a part.

  • Dimitri Kadiev

As a young man from Los Angeles with only a few college classes under his belt, Dimitri Kadiev took to the road out of curiosity. A series of what he calls “epiphanies” led him to pursue a life of active art and radically mobile living. He began integrating God directly into his life, artwork and travels. For 20 years he has traveled from state to state, country to country, dedicated to following Jesus’ command to “go out and make disciples of all nations” through the most universal of all languages: art. On a trip to Albuquerque, Kadiev found himself without a home. After a conversation with a young Mennonite man traveling to New Mexico with Mennonite Mission Network, Kadiev began attending a local Mennonite Church. He quickly found himself growing deep roots in both Albuquerque and the Mennonite Church. These roots however have not kept him off the road. Today, he still travels around the country and the world spreading his love of God with his love of art. He has traveled and contributed murals to cities and towns across this country and abroad, including India and Palestine, Alaska and Pennsylvania.

  • Kathy Ford

Kathy Ford is a mother, spiritualist wild woman, puppeteer and theatrical artist. She has worked over the last 30 years as an artist “without borders.” weaving her magic with K-12, collegiate, special education and women’s communities alike. She has a deep respect and love for Earth based traditions which continue to inform and inspire her work profoundly.

  • Alisair Burke

Alistair Burke is a photographer, digital artist and performer not overly fond of labels as you are just as likely to find him in a kitchen or up a tree. He tries daily to balance time spent in the binary world of the computer arts by disappearing into the deep woods with his wife and 2 dogs.

  • Star of the Sea Studios

Star of the Sea Studios….is a theatrical production company based in the foothills of South Eastern Appalachia. We produce ceremonial theater in celebration of nature with fantastical puppets, masks, costumes, projected imagery and music engaging both the talents of professional and community performers alike.

  • Carnival Ceremonial Theater Troupe

This amazing folks are coming together, giving their voices, bodies, and imaginations to a topsy turvy world where prayer calls down fire and the trumpet blasts tear down the towering walls. Those involved in our liturgical variety act show include Eric Smelser, Rachel Summerlot, Dawn Mehan, Stephen Landis, Gillian Beier, Jessica Campbell, Joby Morey, Caleb Lange, Sarah Thompson, Jon Felton, Kara Bender, Tara Toms, Dimitri Kadiev, David Bravo Rivera, Ariam Allan, Nic Melas, Nicole & Hannah from Hburg, Brian Grover, Todd Wynward, Laurel Dykstra, Ched Myers, Tevyn East, & Jay Beck

  • Jay Beck

is a percussionist, vocalist, drum-maker, and educator who has been performing, teaching, touring and recording professionally for many years. He has performed with numerous groups including Madison Greene, Woodspeak, Aimee Wilson, Phillybloco, Croatan West African Drum and Dance and Psalters. He is the founder of Croatan Studio in Philadelphia, which seeks to aid resistance movements and develop reconciliation through studying the artforms and spirituality of oppressed nomadic and indigenous people groups. Over a decade of touring in over fifteen countries in four continents, he longs to be a bridge to help bring the beauty and passion of the rhythm cultures of the world to the west and especially to the church. His newest project involves being one of the core organizers for the Carnival de Resistance.

  • Tevyn East

is a dancer, choreographer, performer, organizer, teacher, and advocate for right relationship with the Earth and the great diverse community of “Life”. She has toured extensively to faith communities around North America sharing Leaps & Bounds, her one-woman show about the intersections of faith, ecology and the economy. This production has now been made into a feature length film that you can learn about at www.affordinghopeproject.org. Tevyn is a core organizer and performer for the Carnival de Resistance. She seeks to integrate her artistic gifts with the journeywork of faith- led activism, responding to the needs of the world and the signs of the times.