Faith Element

Many of the Carnival Organizers and Carnival Crew members are approaching this project with a desire to put their faith in action and to create a space to allow dialogue and reflection. The Carnival de Resistance reads and embodies the Judeo-Christian religion through a lens that reclaims the relationship between people and the land that runs through our scriptures. That aspect of our tradition has been erased by the forces of colonization and empire that we are committed to resisting. As a group mostly made of people who are settlers on this land, we are committed to learning from indigenous communities who understand the devastation of white supremacy far better than we through showing up in solidarity in the struggle for justice. We have an enormous responsibility to be re-interpreting and reclaiming the deep meaning of our faith traditions- to understand them in a way that centers liberation, justice and restoration. We hope you will join us in body or in prayer, as we seek to expose the wound, that the light of the Spirit might come through. We are working to create a holy game that we know is so wild that it couldn’t succeed without the Spirit.