The Carnival embeds within a local community!

During the weekdays we plug in with local groups that resonate with our values. We partner with grassroots organizations, schools and churches to find ways for our crew members to contribute to and learn from the local community.

Connection with Local Churches

  • Bible studies, meals, a loud and memorable worship service, guest teaching or musicians for additional services.

Connection with Community Organizations

  • Gifts of service: garden work, paintings, murals
  • Creative workshops for young and old: drumming, dancing, song-writing, mask making, and magic shows
  • Cultural events: skill-share, open-mic, and a Potlatch (native american gift giving ceremony)

Connect with Local Activists

  • A vibrant parade that lifts up local issues and honors local activists, where we bring our colorful spectacle, our pedal-powered mic, our drums and our bodies, to shine a creative light on the good work already happening!

Connection with local universities or colleges

  • Chapel offerings, art projects, and guest teaching for classes on permaculture, watershed theology, peace & justice work, anti-racism training, theater, dance, drumming and traditional rhythm cultures, and carnival history among others.